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Norwegian police assists the Lithuanian police in combatting violence


Lithuanian Police with the help of the Norwegian colleagues is launching the Project "Strengthening of the Lithuanian and Norwegian police cooperation and capacities to fight against domestic and gender-based violence", funded by Norway.

The aim of this Project is to improve the professional competencies of the police officers dealing with domestic violence, to provide them with theoretical knowledge, to develop the skills of taking effective actions and proper decisions. The Norwegian experts of this field will be invited to the officers' trainings and study visits of the police officers-instructors in charge of these issues will be organized in Norway.

In the process of implementation of the Project it is planned to purchase the alarm system. By implementing the alarm system, together with the other proposed activities, the goal of protecting the victims will be achieved.

The Lithuanian Police Commissioner General Linas Pernavas rejoiced at this possibility while presenting the Project. "Taking this opportunity I would like to thank the Norwegian representative for opening the door and giving us the possibility to employ one of the most advanced country's best practice. I believe that the Scandinavian model of fighting domestic violence and rendering effective assistance to victims of the violence will improve our officers', who are the first ones to deal with domestic violence, skills related to efficient responding and making proper decisions, and will provide them necessary knowledge" - said the Police Chief.
The following activities will be performed in the course of the project implementation:

  • Analysis of the situation in Lithuania and collation with the Norwegian situation (developing the assessment report).
  • Training the trainers in order to efficiently share the good practice, training up to 30 instructors with the help of the experts from Norway.
  • Training the target groups of the police officers in accordance with the prepared programme.
  • Purchase of training equipment.
  • Preparation and publication of methodological recommendations (a book or manual).
  • Creation of educational film.
  • Creation of educational programme for distance learning.
  • Distribution of information about the institutions providing support to the victims, anti-advertising of violence in close environment via police institutions.
  • Purchase and implementation of alarm system.

If need be, the instructors trained during the Project will perform further trainings for police officers working in the field of fight against domestic violence. The professional knowledge and skills of the officers, trained at the Project, will be afterwards implemented in their everyday activities, i.e. in the fight against domestic violence. The equipment purchased during the Project will be later given to the potential and real victims, who will be able to call for help by pushing one button, if there is a case of emergency.

In order to ensure effective management of the Project, a skilled team of professionals was set up. In order to properly implement all activities of the Project, every Project component received a Project component coordinator and other employees. The experience and competencies of the management team will maximally diminish the possible Project risks and will ensure its proper management. The promoter of the Project will cooperate closely with its Partners - the National Police Directorate of Norway. This institution will take an active part in organization and implementation of Project activities, it will also provide assistance and consultations.

The Project promoter is Public Police Board of the Police Department under the Ministry of the Interior of the Republic of Lithuania.


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