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Traditional annual meeting of Lithuanian, Estonian, Latvian and Polish (Podlaskie Voivodeship) police chiefs is held


On 4-5 September this year a four-lateral Lithuanian, Latvian, Estonian and Polaskie Voivodeship police chiefs' meeting is held in Palanga, Lithuania. This has been the second year when the traditional format of the meeting of Baltic States' police chiefs has been extended by inviting the police representatives from the neighboring Poland.

The delegations were honoured by the presence of the Minister of the Interior of the Republic of Lithuania D. A. Barakauskas, who arrived to take part in the meeting and to get into law enforcement issues. The Minister emphasized the importance of effective cooperation of law enforcement, especially with the neighboring States.

One of the most significant topics of the meeting was the reform being carried out in the Estonian police. A wide changeover is aimed at enhancing the effectiveness of the management and optimizing the administrative machinery and activity of the police. Great attention is being paid at increasing the motivation to work for the police, especially by means of increasing the salary. As in the majority of countries, it is aimed to solve the issues of top priority of pre-trial investigation and allocation of the forces. Technical equipment and modernization of IT systems have also received attention.

The chief of the Estonian police, participating in the meeting, is sharing his experience of planning and organizing the measures meant to ensure the security during the USA President B. Obama visit which received worldwide attention and finished yesterday.

The experience of the Estonian and Latvian colleagues related to the preparation for adopting the Euro and getting ready for possible law enforcement challenges is exceptionally valuable, as Lithuania is currently undergoing these processes.

Lithuanian police is sharing its experience related to the Presidency of the Council of the European Union in the second half of 2013 and particularity of police tasks. In the course of the meeting the Latvian delegation is presenting the planning and priorities in the field of law enforcement in relation to the Presidency of the Council of EU to be held since 1st January 2015 in Latvia.

The long-term traditions of cooperation of law enforcement institutions of the States have resulted in active and productive cooperation. It is worth mentioning that cooperation is carried out at different levels and in different areas of police activity. Thus, in the course of the meeting the chiefs review the implementation of decisions and agreements on joint actions adopted in the past. Cooperation of the public police aimed at enhancing traffic safety and ensuring prevention of road traffic offences on the road "Via Baltica", as well as joint patrol in border regions organized by the countries have also been emphasized.

In addition, the police of all four States are successful at applying for grants for EU funded projects which contribute to improving qualification of police officers of different levels in particular law enforcement areas, enhancing practical cooperation, exchanging best practice, forming international police cooperation strategy and improving the material basis.

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