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One of the most wanted persons by the Lithuanian police arrested in Russia


At the end of the previous week, on 16 August, the citizen of the Republic of Lithuania Romas Zamolskis (born in 1970), wanted by the Lithuanian police, was arrested in Yekaterinburg, the Russian Federation. R. Zamolskis has been a wanted person in Lithuania since 2001. He is suspected of committing a lot of serious and very serious crimes in Lithuania. Firearms were used in commitment of the abovementioned crimes.

Last summer in the course of information exchange and cooperation with the law enforcement officers of the Russian Federation R. Zamolskis was identified. At that time he lived in the Sverdlovsk region, the city of Novouralsk, using the documents of another citizen of the Russian Federation. He created a family there, had two children.

When the police officers got interested in him, a detention operation was organized. In the course of that operation R. Zamolskis resisted the police officers and succeeded in fleeing. The searches were carried out in the place of his residence during which a number of firearms were found and seized.

Since last summer R. Zamolskis has been successfully hiding from the police using the means of precaution and camouflage.

R. Zamolskis, one of the most wanted persons, was arrested by the officers of the Russian Federation criminal police after carrying out a complex of operational actions. In the course of apprehension in Yekaterinburg R. Zamolskis resisted the police, however, the police officers employed special equipment and as a result he was apprehended. At this moment he is kept and cured in one of the prison's hospital.

In the Russian Federation R. Zamolskis is suspected of participating in criminal group's activity, several murders and other crimes.

Deputy Police Commissioner General performing the functions of Police Commissioner General Algirdas Stončaitis states that this detention operation carried out by the Russian Federation police was a result of close cooperation of Lithuanian Criminal Police Bureau and Russian police officers.

The Prosecution Service of the Republic of Lithuania is now considering the issue of addressing the Russian Federation on the question of extradition of the suspect to Lithuania.

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