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International measure "Bicycles – 2014" organized for the first time – novelty in fighting bicycle thefts


Last weekend, on 22-24 August, officers of the Public Police Board of the Police Department under the Ministry of the Interior of the Republic of Lithuania (hereinafter - Police Department) and Lithuanian Criminal Police Bureau as well as their colleagues from other foreign countries carried out a new preventive measure called "Bicycles - 2014".

This measure, initiated by the leadership of the Police Department, is exceptional due to the fact that Lithuanian police officers in concert with their Danish, Swedish, Dutch and Finnish partners implemented a new form of cooperation meant to prevent selling the stolen bicycles in Lithuania. This preventive measure was organized considering the information provided by the foreign law enforcement institutions about frequent arrests of Lithuanian citizens because of bicycle thefts.

In the course of the measure the officers checked the places where the second hand bicycles are usually sold (e.g. markets) and the persons selling such bicycles by means of advertisements on the territory of the whole country. Not only foreign partners joined the measure, but also large police forces from the territorial police stations (150 officers). In this case bicycles of a high value without the purchase documents were checked. The serial numbers of the bicycles were compared with the serial numbers of the stolen bicycles inserted in the data bases of the foreign countries. In addition, the data was also checked in appropriate Lithuanian registers of wanted items.

During the measure 8 bicycles which serial numbers had been matched with the serial numbers of the bicycles stolen in Denmark, Sweden, Holland and Lithuania were identified and seized. The value of one of the bicycles surprised even the foreign colleagues - it cost around 10 thousand Litas.

Deputy Police Commissioner General Algirdas Stončaitis has no doubt that measures of that kind are going to be continued in the future. We recommend the people who are buying bicycles to ask for the documents of purchase. If the bicycle has been purchased without the documents, there is always a risk that it can be seized if in the course of a similar measure the bicycle will be identified as stolen, - stated A. Stončaitis.

Upon assessment of positive results of the preventive measure Lithuanian and foreign police officers discussed the possibilities to check the suspicious bicycles any time in the future, they also agreed to cooperate seeking to protect the people's possessions, especially two-wheelers. However, this form of cooperation is going to evolve in the future and German, the UK, Norwegian and French partners will be invited to join the measure.

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