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Group suspected of extortion of property of a high value and thefts committed in Sweden arrested in the course of international operation (video)


Last week, following the intensive and successful long-term investigation, officers of Lithuanian criminal Police Bureau (hereinafter LCPB) in concert with the Swedish Police, Europol and Anti-terrorist Operations Unit "Aras" detained four persons in Palanga and Kaunas cities. The persons are suspected of extortion of property of a high value and thefts, most of which were possibly committed on the territory of Sweden.

Suspicions were brought against the detained brothers R. Š. (born in 1980), A. Š. (born in 1977), R. Š. (born in 1977), Ž. Š. (born in 1978) in regard to criminal acts provided for in the Criminal Code of the Lithuanian Republic: art.181 part 3 (extortion of property of a high value) and art. 178 part 3 (theft of a high value). Commitment of the abovementioned criminal acts imposes imprisonment for a term of up to ten years. The detained persons are suspected of acting as a group.

It is believed that the citizens of Lithuania residing in Sweden also suffered from the thefts and extortion of property committed by the suspects. The officers suspect that this group, well known to the police, caused great damage to the residents of Sweden.  In the course of investigation more than 30 searches were conducted by the police, the officers seized the laptops, mobile phones, vehicle navigation systems, antique items, bicycles, campers, four-wheelers, water motorcycles and other items which could be related to commitment of criminal acts.

The District Court of Vilnius city imposed the strictest measure of suppression on the suspects - which is arrest. Three suspects are arrested for 3 months, one - for 2 months.

Pre-trial investigation is controlled by the prosecutors of Organized Crime and Corruption Investigation Department of the Prosecution Service of the Republic of Lithuania.




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