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Strengthening of Nordic-Baltic strategic police cooperation


Lithuanian Police together with Nordic-Baltic partners will strengthen strategic cooperation within the newly started project "Introduction and development of strategic approach to international police cooperation and EU acquis implementation at regional level in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Finland and Sweden" (hereinafter - the Project). The Project is oriented on the creation of strategic cooperation background for the police institutions of Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Finland and Sweden that should ensure coherent implementation and application of EU acquis in the area of Freedom, Security and Justice of the European Union.

The Project is being implemented under the Prevention of and Fight against Crime Programme of the European Union (hereinafter - the ISEC) and is oriented to further develop the tasks of the project „Implementation of EU acquis and other instruments and their application in the development of international police cooperation" which was prepared and implemented in 2012-2013 (12 months) under the ISEC 2011 programme. Within the new ISEC project regional cooperation strategy and its action plans will be prepared. Study visits to Lithuania, Sweden and Belgium and workshops will be organized. Furthermore, several trainings for police officers in the following areas are planned: international cooperation, EU acquis implementation, enhancement of public order and security by applying EU legal instruments, development of intercultural, international negotiation and communication skills. 

In the frames of the Project a so-called mechanism of "Mobile Liaison Officer" will be practically tested. It means that probably for the first time Lithuanian, Latvian and Estonian police institutions will together appoint police officers to perform police-related tasks in designated countries on a temporary basis without permanently residing in foreign states.

In the opening conference of the Project which was held on 26-27 June 2014, the objectives, foreseen results and activities to achieve them were presented. Within the Project, which started on 15 May 2014 and will last for 24 months, in total more than 500 officers from Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Finland and Sweden will take part.

Lithuanian police together with its partners will proceed with its efforts to properly implement the EU acquis requirements and strengthen regional cooperation.

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